Josh Rosenfeld

Hi. I'm a designer.

Over the last 30 years I've had the opportunity to work with some of the best companies in the world, from Apple to Zillow.

User interfaces. User experiences. Interactive media. Print. TV.

You name it, I can probably design and produce it.

Products, services, websites, apps, Saas, and much more. 

Plus, I can manage your team or set one up from scratch!

Work smarter, not harder!

Let me help you bring cutting-edge design processes into your business. Together we can improve your workflow, output, and documentation to save you time and money, again and again.

UI/UX Styleguides

A simple styleguide can bring order to even the most complex design.

By making it intelligent you can guarantee consistent accuracy!

Design Systems

The biggest companies in the world have full-blow design systems that are used by all the teams involved in developing a product or service.

Digital Transformations

Sometimes the only way to improve your whole design process is with a complete process and management transformation using modern tools.


Good UX design is usually a luxury. Those who can afford to do it right have whole departments and expensive resources.

But, with my help, I can help you to up your UX process!

UI Production

Turning mockups from a design into a working app or website is usually more difficult that copy-paste. Working with developers is crucial to having consistent releases, sprint after sprint.

Team Management

Bringing a group of designers together effectively can be a challenge for any manager or business. Smart collaboration and efficient workflow is crucial for a happy team in any organization. :)

Some of My Recent Designs

Below are screenshots from the last few years. They showcase my design process in a variety of situations on multiple platforms. If you'd like to see more, please contact me! 


An old, ugly, and slow legacy app was in need of a UI/UX makeover.


18 months later, it was turned into a next-generation product.


By using design processes and collaboration, vision became reality.


The heart of the SaaS app was a scheduling system for realtors.


Using modern UI and UX tools, the looks and the feel was improved.


Good wireframes and mockups made production easy!

Example: Live Video

When the pandemic hit, Live Video showings for real estate became very important. This was the result.

Example: Mapping

Real-time mapping is one of the top features requested by the users and it just has to work everywhere!

Example: Scheduling

Scheduling is at the heart of the app, so have the same look and feel from concept to completion mattered.


By creating a shareable styleguide with all the colors, fonts, text styles, icons, and assets in one place, the vision matched the release.

Design Systems

With atomic components, designers had building blocks to make any mockup, plus, all the developers had one single source of design truth.

Digital Transformation

By bringing process improvements and workflow changes, this cross-platform application was delivered for web, iOS, Android, and Web,

What People Say About Me

Over the last 30 or so years, I have had the great fortune to work with tons of great people!

"Josh is a hard-working team player who's dedicated to his role and his colleagues to ensure any requests placed on his desk were done at the highest quality possible...while maintaining a “can do” attitude that would be an asset to any company." 

- Chance Lipsky

"Josh is an exceptional talent in terms of his technical and creative skills. He is an expert with technology and media. He has the rare talent to not only understand the technical side but also possesses the creative aptitude to see the big picture. " 

- John Handley

"Josh has all the skills needed to design & develop products. Speed with efficiency are important to him. He has taken many projects from concept to completion. He can make the complex simple and is a team player and a good leader." 

- Anne Polacheck

Ready To Get Started?

I know that your entire design process can go to the next level and I'm gonna take you there.

UX Design | UI Production | Design Systems | Ops

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

I guarantee that you will be satisfied with our first free conversation or your money back!

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